Data Science Fellowships

Fellowship programs in the data science field are beginning to emerge. These are funded post-graduate programs that include study, research, and/or teaching on a given topic – in this case, data science. A fellowship program is more of an investment in your future than a reward for previous work. A few of the most exciting data science fellowship opportunities are highlighted here.

University of Chicago Fellowship

This particular fellowship may be incentive enough to try to break into the data science field. This free but extremely exclusive and competitive summer program involves working for the Obama administration. Participants will have the amazing opportunity to work with an analytics team on projects in energy, education, healthcare, and transportation.

The program boasts an impressive group of advisors and mentors. Together with the select group of fellowship students you would meet, the networking opportunities are off the charts. Applicants for the handful of coveted spots should hold a degree in a related field as well as a solid background in data and statistics.

Data Science Central

This six-month Data Science Apprenticeship program is led by world-renowned data science expert Dr. Vincent Granville. The state-of-the-art curriculum of this comprehensive program is delivered entirely online and includes real-world projects that prepare graduates for immediate work in the field.

Dr. Glanville assures students that if they can complete the challenging program, they will find “guaranteed job opportunities.” The three-part program includes online training in big data analytics, programming practices, statistics, sampling, data visualization, and more. It also includes projects, internship opportunities, and career support.

Insight Data Science Fellowship

This six-week program promises to allow students to “bridge the gap between academia and a career in data science.” This highly competitive fellowship is backed by Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twiiter, and other heavy hitters in the online space who all seem to either be sponsors or board members. This opens the door to incredible interviewing opportunities with top tech companies.